Hitting 2 Birds with 1 Stone: Learn Online Marketing & Help a Cancer Patient

Over the past years, the internet has played a vital role on how people deal with one another and do things. According to reports, there are 3.4 billion internet users and more than 100 billion Google searches done every month. With these figures in hand, the internet undoubtedly has become a great tool for everyday transactions.

With the internet’s rise to fame and power, online marketing correlatively has become the new wave marketing strategy that will surely boost your business and open the doors for more opportunities worldwide.

I’m inviting you to join an event and get your toughest questions answered by the best online marketers on February 29, 2016, Monday, at 7 PM GMT. What’s more phenomenal about this happening is that the admission is absolutely FREE. Also, you don’t need to spend on gas or be stuck in traffic because the event is done via online streaming. The best part is that you’re able to help Dylan Peters, who is battling brain cancer for 12 years.

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Get Some Free Online Marketing Advice AND Help A Cancer Patient!

Cancer is a killer. I bet all of us knows that. And it isn’t a silent killer. It’s a painful one. It hurts greatly. And cancer not only hurts the patient; it also hurts those who love and care for him. Those of us who had the misfortune of seeing a loved one battle cancer know how it feels. More so, those of us who have lost someone dear to cancer knows how serious this is. And it’s not only the physical and emotional pain that gives us distress.

Cancer is a very expensive disease to get around with. Curing it is a Herculean task. The costs of surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy, and drugs can punch a giant hole in anyone’s bank account, no matter how much money they have in there. Some even get into debt because of cancer. Debts that will bother them for a good part of their lives. Cancer not only kills people; it also kills dreams. The dreams of the people paying hard-earned money to keep their loved one alive may no longer be realised, all because of debt. Again, those of us who have had a loved one face cancer would know.

Right now, there is one person going through the same thing. His name is Dylan Peters. And this isn’t just his first time; this is his fifth. He’s a survivor, and he’s a tough one. His cousin, Jeremiah Baker, described him as “a kind hearted man that would do anything for anyone. He has been dealt a hard hand of life, but has always made the best of his situation and has always been so strong.” Sure, he may be a tough one, but he still needs your help.

If you were thinking of donating money, hold up for a second, because you don’t have to. All you have to do is to is attend this free event, which takes place on February 29, Monday, 7 PM GMT. You don’t even have to go anywhere. This event takes place via online streaming, so you can participate anywhere you are! More details here.

So then, subscribe to this Blab and help Dylan without even spending a single cent! You also get the advantage of learning from the best and brightest experts in online business and marketing! Getting advice from any one of these people may cost as much as $100,000; here, you get it for free! All the more reason to join!

Why Lazy People Make Great Innovators

We’ve heard it and read it almost everywhere and everyday. Article after article in various sites online have said the same old thing: Millennials are lazy. Could be true, yes. Millennials (myself included) are indeed lazy. We are so used to machinery and technology doing the work for us. We don’t even like the idea of work. It’s boring, draining, and ultimately unfulfilling. Work doesn’t allow us to exercise our creative minds. It doesn’t give us the freedom to have our own way. In short, work doesn’t allow us to innovate. 

Normal work constrains us to a set of rules. It binds us to a certain way of doing things. It doesn’t give us any wiggle room; we just have to do as we’re told, and that’s it. In other words, normal work is a complete waste of our creative potential. And because of that, we lose all motivation for doing work. We become very, very lazy, as the older generations accuse us of being.

Naturally, laziness and productivity are polar opposites. These two have an exponentially inverse correlation with each other. As laziness increases, productivity decreases even further. From the outside, this is what others observe, and, well, the numbers don’t lie. But is it so, really?

How about if someone told yoArticle and Design - Efficiencyu that lazy people are smart? What if someone told you that lazy people are very creative? How would you react to the fact that lazy people are the best at innovation?

If that sounds insane, here is why.

Lazy people want to get things done quickly, effectively, and efficiently.


As lazy people, we always would like to minimise the time that we do boring, draining, unfulfilling work. For many of us, it’s not the case that we don’t want to do any work at all; rather, we just want to get on with it as fast as we can. That way, we’ll have more time to do the things that matter to us. So then, we do our best to find ways to get our work done as fast as possible.


Of course, we don’t just want to do things faster. We also make sure we do them properly, because lacklustre outcomes will only lead to more work to be done. Sure, we may have spent less time doing things because we worked faster, but it’s bad news if we didn’t get them done right. Having to repeat what we already did is a bigger waste of time. Like outsourcing the daily tasks would also mean working effectively.


As mentioned earlier, lazy people can be very smart. We not only make sure we do things right and get them done faster; we also want to do things better. This means minimising wasted time, resources, and effort. We don’t like wasting these three things; they’re valuable to us. We don’t like wasting our time because we want to have time to do what we want to do. We don’t like wasting resources because we can use them to make the world a better place. Most of all, we don’t like wasting our effort because we can better utilise them in pursuing our passions. 

Take note that these are all exercises in creativity. We have to think of ways to get things done quickly, effectively, and efficiently. It isn’t any of the mind-numbing tasks we do every single day. This is innovation at its very basic level.

Article and Design - Start-Up Business The Importance of Owning a WebsiteOften, this involves going against the established norms, but that rarely ever bothers people like us. Hey, we are all about going against the norms. Older generations would accuse us of reinventing the wheel, and nothing can be further from the truth. That is exactly what we are doing. We don’t want the old system. We want a system of our own. We want something suited to our culture, because this is no longer the 80s, nor is it the 90s. This is the second decade of the 21st Century, and this is our time now.

If we can innovate in the little things, then surely we can do so in the big ones too.  This is a world our generation would be living in for the next half-century or so. We are only moulding it into what we want it to be.

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