3 Reasons to Make Your Website Responsive




More and more websites these days are adapting their designs to be responsive. Just try it: if you resize your browser window while the site is open, and the site’s layout changes, then the site has a responsive design. Why? The reason for that may be right beside you.



1.  Most internet traffic is from mobile devices

ipad-820272_1280Based on a report by SimilarWeb in 2015, 56% of internet traffic to leading US websites came from mobile devices. But that was last year; the number may have already gone up by now. With that much web browsing going on, it’s almost a requirement these days to design a mobile-friendly site. Even if it isn’t required, though, you will clearly miss out on a large part of the market if your site isn’t mobile responsive.

Phones and tablets have smaller screens. You can’t view a full-page site on a small screen comfortably. If you would try, it will involve a lot of scrolling and zooming in and out. That’s annoying, and it doesn’t serve the purpose of a mobile device. Compare that to browsing a responsive site, where you can see everything clearly at first glance. The only gesture you’ll have to do to navigate the site is scrolling up or down. Everything is sized well for a small screen, and the links and buttons are large enough targets for your fingers. Isn’t that a much better user experience?


2.  It makes multitasking on desktops easier


Responsive design doesn’t just benefit phones and tablets. They benefit desktops too. Let’s say you’re typing up a document while researching on the web. To make the job easier, you could put the windows of your web browser and word processor side by side. Responsive sites would adapt to the resized browser window, so the text will still be within the bounds of the smaller browser window. No need for the annoying side-scrolling. Honestly, no one should have to do that when browsing the web. Side scrolling is only fun when you play Super Mario Bros.



3.  You will need to do it anyway

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With more and more online activities being done on mobile devices, sites will have to adapt to the growing demand for mobile-friendly content. If you want your website to still be on top of its game in the future, it’s going to need to be responsive. It has to look good on any screen, no matter how big or small. Thus, it is only a wise choice to future-proof your website right now.




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