3 Good Reasons to Run Facebook Ads

Nearly everyone these days has a Facebook account. It’s now become a standard contact detail. To be quite honest, you can only count with your fingers the number of people you know who are not on Facebook. For most, there might be none at all. Can you see this as a great opportunity for your business?

More often than not, you’ll see a few ads in between posts when browsing your Facebook timeline. These ads can be anything from facial wash to discounted flights. Also, do you notice that most ads you see on Facebook are those that you actually care about? Often you won’t see any Facebook ad that’s just “random”; the social network seems to know your preferences.

That’s exactly why Facebook is a good platform to advertise your business. I’ll give you three additional good reasons why it’s worth considering.


1. High Potential Reach

I already mentioned in the opening paragraph that nearly everyone today has a Facebook account. In fact, it now has over 2 billion active monthly users. Any ad you run has the potential to reach all of them. By default, your audience here is global. And you don’t even have to make any deals with media execs or newspaper editors.

global reach facebook ads

2. Very Targetable

I also mentioned earlier that you often see ads offering products that you care about. Facebook advertising isn’t random at all. Rather, it is highly targeted. What this means is you get to choose the audience for your ads. Facebook offers so many factors to determine the right audience. This includes age, sex, occupation, place of residence, ethnicity, country, and even personal interests. It’s actually creepy the number of things Facebook knows about its users. But if you’re an advertiser, you can certainly make use of these factors.

targeting facebook ads


3. Cheap

For as little as $1 to $5 per day, you can already run a basic ad on Facebook. Of course, you may need to spend more when you have more targeting options. Still, the point is that the cost of entry is cheap. You can start off small and experiment with what factors to target, then improve afterwards. There is no need for you to pool in a ton of money on the first try.

cheap facebook ads


Are you convinced to run Facebook ads now? “But I don’t know how to start,” you say. Not to worry; Article and Design can help you with that. Get in touch with us and tell us what you need.


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