3 Reasons for Every Business to Have a Website

girl on macbook airThe Internet has always been a game-changer ever since it was invented. It’s given us more convenience than any other technology. If we want information, we no longer need to get out there; we can just stay home, type in what we want to know in Google’s search box, and get all the information we need, right from home. Because practically anything can be found online these days, it’s really valuable for any business to have its own website. Whether you own a small, family-run business or a large corporation, having your own website is a big advantage. For one, you will capture a potentially global market. Of course, more customers mean more profits. And websites are powerful and cheaper advertising tools; no need for your business to spend tens of thousands on traditional advertising media. The very fact that your business has a website means it has an edge over those who don’t!

To reinforce that point, here are three reasons why your business should have its own website.

1. Online shopping is now mainstream


These days, internet communication is the norm, and it has trickled down into normal trade. Amazon, eBay, PayPal, you name it. Online purchasing is now part of daily life for many of us. Amazon is even considering using drones to deliver products to customers’ doorsteps. With all of these web-based transactions going on around, it is only logical to say that every business should have a website. In this world where the smartphone is ubiquitous, and everyone is constantly connected to the cloud, making your presence known online is a must. It allows your business to reach anyone who is connected to the Internet.

2. A website is more than a magnet for customers

Article and Design - ReliabilityHaving an online presence does not stop with attracting customers. As I’ve said, everyone is connected to the Internet these days. Those people include job-hunters, investors, and a whole host of people interested in what your business does. With that in mind, your website does much more: you can hire people, get funding, and even get free endorsements. You could even do business-to-business transactions online. No need for an actual meeting, saving you time, money, and effort.

3. A website gives your business a reputation

macbook air googleOf course, it’s not just about having a website itself. An egg won’t sell if it has broken shell. In the same manner, your business won’t benefit from the website if the website looks like it was made by a toddler using Paint. Your website reflects your business, so it has to look good.

Everything from layout to formatting is as important as the content you put in the website. If it has all the information a customer would ever need, then that’s great. But if the customer has to treasure-hunt for that information in a labyrinthine landscape, it’s as good as losing the customer. Remember that internet users are lazy. Your website has to make life easier for the customer, because no one wants to look through too many things. The internet is already crowded as it is. The less complex your website is, the easier it will be to reach people and convince them to patronize your business.

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