Filipino Freelancers_ 5 Freelancing Jobs on How to Earn Money While on Lockdown_

Filipino Freelancers: 5 Freelancing Jobs on How to Earn Money While on Lockdown?

The global pandemic has prevented many of us from going into work or socialising outside with our friends. 

Suddenly, with so much time on our hands, we are looking for ways to keep productive. Work from home jobs are in high demand now and freelancing offers us the flexibility to work from anywhere we want, whenever we want. 

However, with so many options of freelancing available, from designing logos to virtual assistants, it can be overwhelming to think about where to start.

Here are the top 5 most popular jobs in freelancing:

Data Analyst

If you have a quantitative mind and enjoy crunching big datasets then this is the job for you. You will be examining large datasets for trends and patterns. You will need strong mathematical abilities. Programming languages such as Python, SQL are also a must.

Web Developer

If you are skilled in coding and like to get creative then developing websites for clients will be a great freelancing opportunity for you. Knowledge in HTML, CSS and Javascript will be required and experience in WordPress will also be advantageous.


There are a lot of Filipino writers that are now hired to write blogs, articles and contents for websites on various topics. If you like researching new topics and have a very high level of English then this is a very fun freelancing job.

Graphic Designer

For creative artists out there. Companies now require catchy visuals and graphics to communicate with their audience effectively and will happily pay good money to hire you for projects.

Online Tutor

Do you love teaching and can communicate ideas across clearly? With schools closed, parents are looking for ways to continue their childrens’ learning and online tutors are required during this time.

It is not easy to get started in freelancing, but if you have the skills and motivation, then it can be the dream work from home job for you.

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