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Improve Your Content With Storytelling

In today’s internet, content is everywhere. You’ve got the really serious stuff like The New Yorker, The Atlantic, Vox, and others. On the other hand, you have the downright ridiculous (but still entertaining) like BuzzFeed, BoredPanda, and Tumblr. While they may be on opposite ends of the “take me seriously” spectrum, both have one thing in common, and that is content that people want to read. So what makes people want to read them?


There’s a saying that goes “Content is king.”

Truly, if your content is not worth reading, then who would even bother to read it? But if your content catches attention and piques interest, then lots of people will want to read it. So the question on everyone’s minds right now is “how can I achieve the latter?”

Is it about the topic? Well, there are so many topics you can write about – entertainment, news, science, technology, food, travel, you name it. Thanks to how easy it is to publish content online, you can write about anything under the sun. Of course, each topic will appeal to different people, depending on their interests. So there is no “one size fits all” when it comes to topics. People always have their preferences.

So what’s that one thing that will surely make your content worth reading?

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It’s about the writing style.

There are different styles of writing. Academic writing tends to be heavy on jargon, and, let’s face it, heavy on boredom as well. Just look at your typical journal article in Nature or BioMed Central. If you can’t even understand the point of the first paragraph, how much more the rest of the article? So then, academic writing isn’t for everyone.

Then there’s the writing style of fiction. If you’ve ever read a novel (even just a small part of one), you’ll know what this writing style looks like. It gives you imagery, dialogue, and what goes on in the minds of the characters. It’s engaging, because while reading it, you get to be in the action; you get to be part of the story. It’s like you’re witnessing the story unfold firsthand. No wonder some people just eat through novels in a day or two.

What keeps readers engaged in this kind of writing?

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The story.

People love stories. They love telling stories, listening to them, and of course, reading about them. Stories engage people and keep them interested. All of us like hearing, say, our grandparents tell us about their experiences back in World War 2. Or what happened to that friend who traveled to Europe by himself. Or the journey of a world-famous entrepreneur from rags to riches. Stories connect people to the outside world. They connect people to others and to their experiences.

Thus, form stories out of your blog posts.

This way, people can connect with them better. People will want to read them. And they won’t be bored, because there is progression in every story. There’s the set up, the conflict, and the resolution. These are the three basic elements of a story, and it always goes in that order.

The set up piques your reader’s interest. It gives the reader a situation and a context. It forms the foundation of the story. Then comes the conflict. Conflict maintains the reader’s interest and attention. It introduces a problem to be solved. Of course, thanks to the reader’s innate curiosity, he’ll want to know how that problem is solved. And so comes the resolution. This is the “happy ending” part of the story. This is usually what makes a good story worth the read. Knowing that the solution worked out gives the reader fulfilment. It makes him feel good after the story is over.

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There you go. Just follow the basic story structure, and your blog posts will be a lot more interesting to your audience. Make them want to read your blog posts instead of forcing them. Remember, content is king, and stories are most interesting.


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