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In a previous article, I showed you how telling stories can make your content a lot more attractive. People really like it, because telling stories is a basic way people interact with each other. You and I do it every single day. Which brings me to another tip to add more flair to your writing.


Telling Stories.

Whenever you tell someone a story, would you:

(a) tell it using the most complicated choice of words you can imagine; or

(b) tell it using everyday simple language?

I’m pretty sure many would answer (b). Which makes sense, because who would want to listen to someone who spouts words too complex to understand?

Even in writing, you can see what happens when a writer uses (a). It results in a boring, unintelligible piece of literature. It may be informative, but it isn’t engaging. Anything that is not engaging to readers will make them lose interest in a split second. Especially in this generation of short attention spans.

Instead, here’s what I suggest you do.

content marketing writing style

Talk in your writing.

I mean it – as you are writing your next article or blog post, speak to the page. Listen to yourself as you think out loud. Does it sound like you’re telling a good story? If not, hold it right there. Rephrase and reword your thoughts. Once it sounds like a story that people will want to hear, then go ahead – write away.

Of course, avoid the filler words like uhh, ahh, hmm, like, you know, and others. While we may say those a lot when talking to other people, they have no place in the written word. Of course, you have time to organise your thoughts when writing, so it’s best to leave out those filler words. In writing, your thoughts must be as ordered as you can make them.

As you would avoid using overly formal language when talking to your friends, so should you avoid it when writing. Remember, you’re writing something for an audience of ordinary people. You’re not writing a report for the United Nations. Keep it simple, use everyday language, and be straight to the point.

conversational writing style

Make it a habit to have this conversational writing style, and you’re sure to attract more readers. Again, people love it when you tell them a story. When they read your work and feel like you’re there beside them telling them a story, then all the better.


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